Monday, January 30, 2017

Welcome to Life Documented Week 6 with Julie Leggett

Welcome to week 6 with Julie Leggett 

Good morning everyone… 

This week’s focus is on layering your journal page and I have incorporated a few layering techniques for this weeks prompt.   I have geared it to suit beginners and those more advanced and experienced, as I am aware that there will be those with lots of art supplies and equipment and some with very little.  Some very skilled, and those just starting out….art and journaling is always a learning experience – loveit.   Layering is very flexible and anything goes (sort of) really.  In this prompt I have used scrap paper, washi tape, masking tape  acrylic paints, pens, stencils, geli plate and fabric.   

It is raining hard here in the UK at the moment and all I can hear is the pitta patter of raindrops on the windows….therefore my theme will be raindrops, it would be interesting to see what type of weather you are having; maybe you will show us on your page. 

Prompt:   To create a page using layers - as many as you can/wish!

Quote:  ‘I love layers’ Alexander Wang

Step 1 
I have used pieces of scrap paper, washi tape and masking tape applied to my journal page in a random fashion then gesso over the top.

Step 2  
For the next layer I am using my geli-plate printing block.  I used liquitex basics acrylic paint in white and primary blue.  Once the paint was spread on the plate with my roller I impressed circle shapes into it with the end of a toilet roll. The journal page was then applied directly to the plate.  Wait for this to dry. 

I then added a pink artwork acrylic paint to the plate in a random fashion and smoothed this on with the roller, again placing the journal page directly onto the plate.  

If you don’t have a gelli plate then apply paint directly to your page with e.g. A sponge or scrunched tissue paper to create some texture or distress to your page.  Once the paint has dried add white circles using the acrylic paint and the toilet roll. 

Step 4  
For the next layer I used large stencil plate.  I placed this directly onto the geli-plate and smoothed and rolled over white acrylic paint until completely covered, lifted it off leaving the pattern embedded into the plate.  The journal page again was directly pressed onto the plate to get impression.  Alternatively you could stencil directly onto your plate which will still give you a pleasing result. 

Step 5 
Use bubble wrap for your next layer, this can be used directly with the geli plate or on its own.  Just apply paint to the bobbly bits and impress onto your page 

Step 6 
For my next layer I wanted to add something – I took some plain address labels (which I picked up from a freecycle place here in UK) used my geli plate using silver, white and blue acrylic paint and printed directly onto the labels.. Once dry I cut out some rain droplet shapes to add to the journal pages. 

 Step 7 
A layer using fabric and stitches.  I chose 2 pieces of silk from my scrap box (silver and blue) and cut out 2 more droplet shapes, then machine stitched these onto the page; I also added some random vertical machine stitching to indicate the direction of the rain. 

Step 8
Add the quote and some and detail with pen; scribbles, doodles, words…whatever pleases you. 

Step 9
My tip in was layered with square cut pieces of paper, paint, stencils and pen, to use as my planner for the week.  The back side of the tip in has been layered in a similar theme to the main journal page and droplets have been added with found music paper. 

Hope everyone has fun with this and I look forward to seeing your creations! 

I have used the following resources: 
Scrap paper 
Washi tape 
Masking tape 
Black sharpie pens 
White uniball pen 
LIquitex basic acrylic paints: white, primary blue and pink 
Crawford & Black silver metallic paint 
Toilet rolls 
Bubble wrap 
Geli plate 
Sticky backed labels 
Sewing machine 
Silk fabric 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Welcome to Life Documented Week 5 with Claire Ann

Good morning all!

So this week's focus is to incorporate a little bit of Zentangle/doodle heaven.  No matter what level you are in art journaling or Zentangling (I am a novice at both!)  include some form of Zentangle into your work.

Prompt: to incorporate a Zentangle or doodle in my journal.

Quote: "Do not fear mistakes - there are none." Miles Davis

This week I am creating a one sided spread which will incorporate my design and my journal planner in one - there won't be an awful lot going on in my world this week!  The quote I have included is apt for me this week -tried something rather challenging and felt defeated when it didn't turn out 'right' or as expected.

Step 1:
I stuck the old paper onto my signature and added gesso. Using my stencil I dabbed on white acrylic paint and left to dry.

I tried to create a distressed look - I got distressed more than the page!  This was harder than I imagined so will be putting this on my list to develop!

Step 2:
I drew a circle around a circular tin and started drawing pretty patterns.  I picked a fairly simple set of zentangle patterns as I am still quite new to it.  I drew this out in pencil first and waited until I had finished before colouring in so to avoid smudging.

Step 3:
I cut out my mandala and mounted it to make it go 'pow' on the page!  Next I decided to add additional border doodles to practise, practise, practise!  The only way I will get better!


Step 4:
My final step is my tip- in where I have incorporated this week's quote - I felt it was important to use this one as I got rather frustrated when it didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped!  I've decided I quite like the way it has turned out!  I used washi tap to add my tip-in and voila! Here is my finished page!


Have fun, I cannot wait to see what take you have on this week's prompt!

I have used the following resources:
* old book paper (from an encyclopaedia in fact)
* a honeycomb stencil
* black Stabilio Bionic pen
* sharp pencil
* rubber for trusted mistakes!
* pastels to add definition to the background (I found this so hard!)
* I love mandalas so my inspiration came from a google search
* a variety of gel pens and sharpies to add colour
* a variety of acrylics for tip-in

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Welcome to Life Documented Week 4 with Suz

Prompt: Do a transfer with charcoal, soft gel medium or carbon paper
Subject: Chinese New Year

Hello all!  So glad to be helpful to those of us that wanted to continue on with the Life Project.  This week we are doing a Prompt for the Chinese New Year which is, "The Year of the Rooster".  I have chosen an easy transfer method and I got my image at Pixabay which is a free site for images if you sign up.  There is also a flickr group here.  This is the image I have chosen.  Remember this is a suggestion.  You might also Google Chinese New Year and find your own sign and do that!  Or do anything that pleases you!  We are here to have fun!

I have used a soft charcoal pencil but you may use anything you like for a transfer like soft gel medium, carbon paper or even packing tape.  I printed it out on my inkjet printer so I lose color but it's the outline you want so that isn't important. 

I am using a 3 X 4 card that I cut out and rounded the corners with my corner rounder.  You take the pencil and go over main parts of the body and features you think are important to the picture.

Turn your picture over on your paper and rub the charcoal into your paper with a bone folder or something hard.  I used the side of my palette knife.  
I found the medium size image that the site offers fits almost perfectly on a 3 X 4 card.  When you pull up your picture you should have the image visible.  Something like this.

It will be faint but you will be able to follow the lines.  Just be sure you rub it well and slowly.  I then took my colored pencils and colored it in, googled Chinese New Year and found a rooster with a symbol and drew the symbol free hand and that's it!  Can't wait to see what you all do.  Please share.  You have no idea how much an inspiration you are to others when you share.

Products used

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Welcome to Life Documented Week 3 with Mixie

Good morning Lovelies! I hope this post does not confuse anyone, because it is a slight departure from the previous 2 weeks, but I really believe it will make everything easier. Be aware that we have just set up a Blogger site dedicated for the Life Documented 2017 group as of yesterday,
So on  to our weekly Challenge and Prompt!....

Challenge: draw or paint a face 
Prompt: "Only in darkness can you see the stars" - Martin Luther King, Jr

ChallengeFor those who are now freaking out - "I can't draw a face!" - deep breath! I gotcha on this! First, you can draw emoji style "smiley" faces, if you want! I also have a link (further down) to a very easy method if you want to try to draw. And, as always, you creative person, it is okay to adapt the weekly challenges. You could grab a face from a newspsper (if you can find one anymore-lol) or magazine, or print from online. Draw or paint right on it!

PromptIt is there for inspiration, to be interpreted artistically in any way you wish. You might use it entirely, or a word from it, or be inspired by it. And if none of that appeals to your muse this week, then ignore it! It is perfectly okay to do that!

Here is my page, and a step by step visual of it with instructions in the caption: 
fyi: I used dylusions paints, and I gesso prepped my page, in my Dylusions journal.

My challenge to myself has been to try to capture emotion better by working more losely, to be more gestural with my strokes

1) pencil sketch a face 2) a dark purple color to make a paint sketch 3) dark blue wash added 4) yellow-orange added over face 5) white for highlights 6) turquoise added on face and background 7) white again this time in hair and highlights on face again 8) brown lowlights in background and detail in hair and face, some brown scribbled detail with a colored pencil 9) midnight blue around background. 

That's it! A pencil, a colored pencil, a few paint colors, and gesso.

As I promised, here is a link to a very detailed video by famous Mixed Media Art Journaler, Dina Wakley:

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Welcome to Life Documented Week 2 with Rebecca

Hi there! Today I am sharing my favorite process for making backgrounds as well as what my weekly set up looks like! 
So here's what you need
•white gesso 
•fluid acrylic paint or ink 
 •palette knife or old credit card
So the first thing I did was spread gesso over my page and then let it dry completely Once dry I add a few drops of paint and then spread it out with a paper towel Then I switched to teal and purple and do the same thing for both!
Every week I write down what I did each day as a way to document what's going on in my life so I set up my page in a way that allows me to do that! I added a flap for extra journaling, some fun bits from my scrapbooking stash and pop dots!
So this week I challenge you to try this background technique and add a flap to your page!