Saturday, January 14, 2017

Welcome to Life Documented Week 3 with Mixie

Good morning Lovelies! I hope this post does not confuse anyone, because it is a slight departure from the previous 2 weeks, but I really believe it will make everything easier. Be aware that we have just set up a Blogger site dedicated for the Life Documented 2017 group as of yesterday,
So on  to our weekly Challenge and Prompt!....

Challenge: draw or paint a face 
Prompt: "Only in darkness can you see the stars" - Martin Luther King, Jr

ChallengeFor those who are now freaking out - "I can't draw a face!" - deep breath! I gotcha on this! First, you can draw emoji style "smiley" faces, if you want! I also have a link (further down) to a very easy method if you want to try to draw. And, as always, you creative person, it is okay to adapt the weekly challenges. You could grab a face from a newspsper (if you can find one anymore-lol) or magazine, or print from online. Draw or paint right on it!

PromptIt is there for inspiration, to be interpreted artistically in any way you wish. You might use it entirely, or a word from it, or be inspired by it. And if none of that appeals to your muse this week, then ignore it! It is perfectly okay to do that!

Here is my page, and a step by step visual of it with instructions in the caption: 
fyi: I used dylusions paints, and I gesso prepped my page, in my Dylusions journal.

My challenge to myself has been to try to capture emotion better by working more losely, to be more gestural with my strokes

1) pencil sketch a face 2) a dark purple color to make a paint sketch 3) dark blue wash added 4) yellow-orange added over face 5) white for highlights 6) turquoise added on face and background 7) white again this time in hair and highlights on face again 8) brown lowlights in background and detail in hair and face, some brown scribbled detail with a colored pencil 9) midnight blue around background. 

That's it! A pencil, a colored pencil, a few paint colors, and gesso.

As I promised, here is a link to a very detailed video by famous Mixed Media Art Journaler, Dina Wakley:

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  1. Entered my appreciation on the first blog for you development of this site and creating a very enjoyable project. Not much for quotes etc. So now to challenge my "head'. Wow rebeccah the left hand column is great. Again thanks