Monday, January 30, 2017

Welcome to Life Documented Week 6 with Julie Leggett

Welcome to week 6 with Julie Leggett 

Good morning everyone… 

This week’s focus is on layering your journal page and I have incorporated a few layering techniques for this weeks prompt.   I have geared it to suit beginners and those more advanced and experienced, as I am aware that there will be those with lots of art supplies and equipment and some with very little.  Some very skilled, and those just starting out….art and journaling is always a learning experience – loveit.   Layering is very flexible and anything goes (sort of) really.  In this prompt I have used scrap paper, washi tape, masking tape  acrylic paints, pens, stencils, geli plate and fabric.   

It is raining hard here in the UK at the moment and all I can hear is the pitta patter of raindrops on the windows….therefore my theme will be raindrops, it would be interesting to see what type of weather you are having; maybe you will show us on your page. 

Prompt:   To create a page using layers - as many as you can/wish!

Quote:  ‘I love layers’ Alexander Wang

Step 1 
I have used pieces of scrap paper, washi tape and masking tape applied to my journal page in a random fashion then gesso over the top.

Step 2  
For the next layer I am using my geli-plate printing block.  I used liquitex basics acrylic paint in white and primary blue.  Once the paint was spread on the plate with my roller I impressed circle shapes into it with the end of a toilet roll. The journal page was then applied directly to the plate.  Wait for this to dry. 

I then added a pink artwork acrylic paint to the plate in a random fashion and smoothed this on with the roller, again placing the journal page directly onto the plate.  

If you don’t have a gelli plate then apply paint directly to your page with e.g. A sponge or scrunched tissue paper to create some texture or distress to your page.  Once the paint has dried add white circles using the acrylic paint and the toilet roll. 

Step 4  
For the next layer I used large stencil plate.  I placed this directly onto the geli-plate and smoothed and rolled over white acrylic paint until completely covered, lifted it off leaving the pattern embedded into the plate.  The journal page again was directly pressed onto the plate to get impression.  Alternatively you could stencil directly onto your plate which will still give you a pleasing result. 

Step 5 
Use bubble wrap for your next layer, this can be used directly with the geli plate or on its own.  Just apply paint to the bobbly bits and impress onto your page 

Step 6 
For my next layer I wanted to add something – I took some plain address labels (which I picked up from a freecycle place here in UK) used my geli plate using silver, white and blue acrylic paint and printed directly onto the labels.. Once dry I cut out some rain droplet shapes to add to the journal pages. 

 Step 7 
A layer using fabric and stitches.  I chose 2 pieces of silk from my scrap box (silver and blue) and cut out 2 more droplet shapes, then machine stitched these onto the page; I also added some random vertical machine stitching to indicate the direction of the rain. 

Step 8
Add the quote and some and detail with pen; scribbles, doodles, words…whatever pleases you. 

Step 9
My tip in was layered with square cut pieces of paper, paint, stencils and pen, to use as my planner for the week.  The back side of the tip in has been layered in a similar theme to the main journal page and droplets have been added with found music paper. 

Hope everyone has fun with this and I look forward to seeing your creations! 

I have used the following resources: 
Scrap paper 
Washi tape 
Masking tape 
Black sharpie pens 
White uniball pen 
LIquitex basic acrylic paints: white, primary blue and pink 
Crawford & Black silver metallic paint 
Toilet rolls 
Bubble wrap 
Geli plate 
Sticky backed labels 
Sewing machine 
Silk fabric 


  1. Am I correct in assuming that week 6 starts Saturday Feb. 4? and this weeks prompt is layering? thanks

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    2. I'm sure that's right. I think the prompt was prepared early so when published the date shows earlier.