Saturday, January 21, 2017

Welcome to Life Documented Week 4 with Suz

Prompt: Do a transfer with charcoal, soft gel medium or carbon paper
Subject: Chinese New Year

Hello all!  So glad to be helpful to those of us that wanted to continue on with the Life Project.  This week we are doing a Prompt for the Chinese New Year which is, "The Year of the Rooster".  I have chosen an easy transfer method and I got my image at Pixabay which is a free site for images if you sign up.  There is also a flickr group here.  This is the image I have chosen.  Remember this is a suggestion.  You might also Google Chinese New Year and find your own sign and do that!  Or do anything that pleases you!  We are here to have fun!

I have used a soft charcoal pencil but you may use anything you like for a transfer like soft gel medium, carbon paper or even packing tape.  I printed it out on my inkjet printer so I lose color but it's the outline you want so that isn't important. 

I am using a 3 X 4 card that I cut out and rounded the corners with my corner rounder.  You take the pencil and go over main parts of the body and features you think are important to the picture.

Turn your picture over on your paper and rub the charcoal into your paper with a bone folder or something hard.  I used the side of my palette knife.  
I found the medium size image that the site offers fits almost perfectly on a 3 X 4 card.  When you pull up your picture you should have the image visible.  Something like this.

It will be faint but you will be able to follow the lines.  Just be sure you rub it well and slowly.  I then took my colored pencils and colored it in, googled Chinese New Year and found a rooster with a symbol and drew the symbol free hand and that's it!  Can't wait to see what you all do.  Please share.  You have no idea how much an inspiration you are to others when you share.

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