Friday, January 27, 2017

Welcome to Life Documented Week 5 with Claire Ann

Good morning all!

So this week's focus is to incorporate a little bit of Zentangle/doodle heaven.  No matter what level you are in art journaling or Zentangling (I am a novice at both!)  include some form of Zentangle into your work.

Prompt: to incorporate a Zentangle or doodle in my journal.

Quote: "Do not fear mistakes - there are none." Miles Davis

This week I am creating a one sided spread which will incorporate my design and my journal planner in one - there won't be an awful lot going on in my world this week!  The quote I have included is apt for me this week -tried something rather challenging and felt defeated when it didn't turn out 'right' or as expected.

Step 1:
I stuck the old paper onto my signature and added gesso. Using my stencil I dabbed on white acrylic paint and left to dry.

I tried to create a distressed look - I got distressed more than the page!  This was harder than I imagined so will be putting this on my list to develop!

Step 2:
I drew a circle around a circular tin and started drawing pretty patterns.  I picked a fairly simple set of zentangle patterns as I am still quite new to it.  I drew this out in pencil first and waited until I had finished before colouring in so to avoid smudging.

Step 3:
I cut out my mandala and mounted it to make it go 'pow' on the page!  Next I decided to add additional border doodles to practise, practise, practise!  The only way I will get better!


Step 4:
My final step is my tip- in where I have incorporated this week's quote - I felt it was important to use this one as I got rather frustrated when it didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped!  I've decided I quite like the way it has turned out!  I used washi tap to add my tip-in and voila! Here is my finished page!


Have fun, I cannot wait to see what take you have on this week's prompt!

I have used the following resources:
* old book paper (from an encyclopaedia in fact)
* a honeycomb stencil
* black Stabilio Bionic pen
* sharp pencil
* rubber for trusted mistakes!
* pastels to add definition to the background (I found this so hard!)
* I love mandalas so my inspiration came from a google search
* a variety of gel pens and sharpies to add colour
* a variety of acrylics for tip-in


  1. Love this!! Thank you for posting!!

  2. You yin ynag zentangle is amazing Claire. Thank you for sharing your process with us! <3

  3. You did amaaazing!!! 💕💕💕

  4. Arrrr thank you ladies much appreciated! I think this is my best one to date! So proud of myself x