Friday, February 17, 2017

Welcome to Life Documented Week 8 with Suz

Love is this months theme and I LOVE saving money
I am using Waste Not Want Not
by Christine Ammer
Prompt: Use scrap paper or under paper
Technique: Making thin paper strong for mixed media

Hi all, this week I am going to use some basic materials and do a page on just plain old spiral lined paper.  I started this several years ago as a way to get rid of scraps.  Sometimes I would go back and just tear pieces out or use it to try out colors and mediums.  As I have evolved and bought better paper I still go back to the spiral because it is just fun when I am not sure what I want to do.

I wanted to do this because there are so many who have done a lot but there are always beginners and I was asked in LD 2017 about using thin paper.

What I did was start with a plain page in the spiral.  Oh what to do with this!

If any of you have used magazines for collage and have all those unwanted pieces you don't want to use because there is nothing of value on them, this is a good place to use those or scraps you don't like.  Something like this.  It doesn't matter how you put them down.  Just make sure you get good coverage. I used a gluestick.  If you add a lot of wet to the page you will get a lot of wrinkling until you get past this step.  

Here is where the reinforcement comes in.  I got some Art Basics Modeling Paste.  I use a palette knife to spread it on.  This medium is kind of see through but it makes your page really sturdy.  There are all kinds of modeling paste on the market.  I ran out and had to go to Michaels for some and all they had was Golden.  It all seems about the same to me.  What I like about it is it's transparency and it's flexability but you can still stick stuff in it and go over it.  

A good covering of modeling paste and a light layer of gesso or white paint and you have a really sturdy page.  I have done this to a lot of these pages and have never had one even rip out.  Then I start adding stencils.

Next I just added some shapes and more stencils.I start adding color.  What I add to one corner I add usually to the opposite corner.  Then I start adding bigger shapes.  Main shapes I add three to five usually.  If it's a background stencil I just add it here and there not covering my page with the same shape.

This gave me a good base for starting to add some interest.  It doesn't matter how long you have been an artist you are going to have a moment when you come back to something and say, "Gosh!  Did I make that mess?"  It happens to everyone!  Really!  So I cut out some paper circles from underpaper and scraps of gelli paper, added some smaller circles within the bigger circles and started to see some flower possibilities.  Adding some marks to my flowers to suggest petals and some stems. I took a small filbert brush and dabbed on paint in some of the blank spots with pink and white then dried the paint to make more marks on the petals with white and black pen.  The last thing I did was the pink and whitish leafy objects at the bottom which was a stencil I cut out of a piece of left over card stock. 

This is what my spiral looks like.  There are only a few pages left that have nothing on them.  I can't wait to start a new one.  


  1. Wow I just love this! That's it I am inspired to create a floral piece🌼🌹

  2. Love this. Your colors are amazing!

  3. As much as I like this it occurs to me that when i have bought a product to use on my thin paper to make it sturdier I may as well have bought a book with sturdier paper. That is a great way to use up all the scraps one hates to trash!
    enjoying your weekly posts, thanks for keeping us going.

  4. Oh love this post Suz. You talk my language! :) Use what you have around you and be creative with that. Has you know I have limited art supplies and have to be on a budget when I want some more, so my art is almost about reusing and redefine what I have. I loved what you did. And your flowers are always stunning.