Saturday, March 18, 2017

Welcome to Life Documented Week 12- with Francisca Nunes

Hi creative friends!! I'm very happy to be here and I'm honored to be the guest for this week prompt. 

Prompt: doodle and use bloom Mandalas
Technique:  play with washes and drips of watercolors
Quote: "If we remain afraid and closed off we never know what it feels like to bloom" by Lori Schaefer

The month theme is bloom, and for me, mandalas are like geometric flowers, or a fusion between geometric designs with a variety of flower elements. And as I love to draw mandalas I thought to suggest to play with mandalas this week. The technique that I suggest is to play with watercolors. Play with a variety of washes and drips of watercolors. 

As you know, if you follow my pages here on Life Documented, I like to do an art journal page on my journal but I still like to make the little pocket art card that we used to do last year in Documented Life Project.

So I decided to do both and an extra, a little tag to write the quote, that I really love. 
When I saw this quote it meant a lot to me. When I tackle my pages I sometimes battle with being closed and afraid.  In this group there are certainly many of you that do your pages and your art but get closed and have been afraid to show to others within the group. We tend to be very rigid with our work and compare to others all too often. So this quote is to incentivize you to share your work without fear. Play and just have fun. Don't get to rigid with yourself. Share your art, give yourself the happiness to bloom.

This is my interpretation for this week prompt and techniques. Hope you enjoy. 

Well, the first thing I did was to play with washes of watercolor and draw the mandalas. This is the centre of my work this week, and I used the mandalas that I drew in the three pieces that I created.

1. In sheets of a chemistry book I add washes and drips of watercolor

2. I draw/doodle mandalas

This is only an example of my process to do my mandalas. I like imperfections, so i don't use a compass most of the time, I just draw. Do several of them, play and have fun. I only use a micron pen to draw. 

3. Cut all the mandalas and cut them into halves

For my journal page I saved two halves of mandalas for the card and the tag and use all the rest for this page. 

1. I add swipes of color to my page
2. I collage the mandalas, like a bouquet
3. I doodle some feathers


4. I add some black paint to add contrast

5. Then with acrylic paint I add more contrast color to the mandalas.

6. In the end I add lots of marks.

For the pocket art card and for the little tag I used half of two mandalas that I drew.

 Again I played with washes of watercolors.

1. Wet your cards and then add washes of watercolor.
2. Add marks with bubble plastic. After it drys the dot marks will remain.

3. Collage half of one mandala ( I love to add my drawings to my mixed media work)

 4. Doodle some flowers ( we are playing with bloom mandalas and flowers)
5. Add some white paint 

6. I used acrylic paint to add some color to my flowers. I added some fluorescent pink to the background.
7. Add marks to the card. I use acrylic paint and pens.

8. To finish I add some stitches to my card. (You know how I love that!!!) I really love the result of these marks on the card. 

For the little tag I use the same technique that I use on the PAC.

1. Glue on the top of the tag half of one mandala.

2. Add more color and some marks

3. Stitch all around the card

4. I wrote the quote on the little tag.

After all is done let’s put all together!!!

I painted a page where I'm going to journal the week, and i made a little pocket folder to put the PAC and the tag.

Hope you really like my suggestions for this week. I know this post turn out big, but I loved to do all!!! :)

Eager to see your creations!!!

Big kiss 

You can find my work here:


  1. Stunning work, Francisca! Love the cascade of mandalas flowing from the top! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Just wow! I love it all and I love you!
    Love your style - I am going to learn so much from you I can see ❤

    1. So sweet of you Claire. I'm happy that you feel inspired by my work. Looking forward to see you Mandalas. :)

  3. This is a very interesting entry for the month and so beautiful and filled with "Blooms"I love how you created the week and included the pages. Just catching up organizing and enjoying your post. Thank you.

  4. This is so beautiful, and full of possibilities! I know I will be playing at this for hours -just as soon as I am done typing this! tee-hee. Thank you for putting this together for us. I know all the hard work it took.