Friday, March 10, 2017

Welcome to Life Documented Week 11 with Suz

 Hi everyone!

Theme is Bloom

Prompt is use stamps, cutting one from an eraser

Quote: I will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die.
I will be difficult to find and Impossible to forget-Erin Van Vuren

This week I thought we would do a stamp or stamps, making one of the stamps you use out of an eraser.  I'm not talking about like carve December where there are all those intricate designs you see although they are beautiful.  I am talking more about grabbing an eraser and making a stamp to use as a mark maker.  Of course I know this has been done but you can also think outside the box to use them in a group to make something entirely different.

Here are the ones I have made and I used a paring knife.  👀  OMGosh you say. How dumb but believe me you can use anything to cut.  So here are mine and the bumpy one at the bottom is my new one I carved for this week. It is a giant eraser I got at the dollar store.  (When looking for the large erasers online it looks like they are discontinuing them in a lot of places so get out and get what you can find if you want some.  They have them at Walmart too.)  You can use the whole thing or cut it down.  The others are made using smaller erasers.  That wonky circle I use as a flower or flower center sometimes.  The first thing I do after carving is apply ink and stamp to see if I want to do anything else to the stamp.

I add some swipes of color to my page and then start stamping.  I have also used corks and stuff I have found and glued them to old stiff cards or just cardboard. The leaf shape is the remnants of an eraser that I just sliced off the outer edges to get the shape.  I start stamping the different shapes and with the new one I made I stamp over and over in the same place using different colors.

Over in the left bottom is a stamp I made to look like a rain drop.  When I turned it upside down I have a flower.  The one to the right of that I made as a petal to stamp in a circle but turned upside down here to make a group of individual flowers.  I then dabbed paint. in areas and colors to define different flowers.  

Below is the next page that I swiped color and began stamping my excess color.

Then I took a store bought stamp and stamped it in the yellow, over and over adding some white to the mix.  It gives you texture to stamp over in the same areas,  The light pink one is a foam stamp I bought at Michaels in the kids crafts. 

I used a stamp to stamp the days of the week and it is from Amy Tangerine.  Any letter stamp will work.  I have a silhouette portrait that sometimes I cut some numbers out and use them for the days of the week.  I got a scrap of paper and washi taped on the edge of the page and swiped some white on it(bottom of page).  It reminded me of a garden gate.  I have gotten some flowers in swaps so added them to the gate and added some paint and marks.  You can paint and cut your own flowers.  I have done this on all kinds of scrap paper.  

Then I added pencil marks and black pen to define my flower shapes.  You can also go back in at this time and add a little paint to define also.

I added a card in for journaling that I got from Chantal in a swap and underneath is my to do list for this week.  

Here is the second page with the pencil marks added and by the word Thursday are some more flowers I made and some from a swap.  The flags I cut out from scraps of paper and drew around with black marker.  I hope I am just giving you some ideas for your own work.  

Here are the finished pages.  I just added some butterfly stickers I had from Sticko and put a ribbon in the card under the gate.

Here is a little bonus and I got the idea from Paivi at Peony and Parakeet.  She did this as a design but I am using it just to decorate book pages.  Just drop two or three like colors of watercolor on a book page.  Let them dry.  Go in and add random stems and leaves then you can use them as a background, or cut them out to use on pages or if you use lighter colors you can use them as your journaling spots.

There are also a couple things I also use as stamps.  The square is just a foam square.  You can heat it up with a dryer and stamp into it also and have a remnant of a shape to stamp.  

And that's it!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it has given you some ideas.

Products used:

Erasers, and it looks like they are discontinuing the very large erasers in some places but the small ones you can get at the dollar store and Walmart or any office store.

I always use this pen for fine lines and it is one a couple dollars US so I don't know why they have such a big price on this.

Amsterdam Reflex Rose
This is also at Blick for less money

I got Americana at Hobby Lobby

I also found them at Painting Crafts

I used Peacock Teal but any of their aqua colors are pretty. 

I got this Titanium White on sale a Jerry's Artarama and it is really thick and lasts a long time.  I usually add water or Airbrush Medium to thin it.  It has lasted me the longest of any paint I have ever had.

For the watercolors any old set will do.  Blick sells a nice field set of Koi Watercolors but I have also bought kids sets in stores.  They aren't as bright but still fun to use.

This is the stamp I used and you just may need to google Amy Tangerine stamps if you want this one as they are sold at different prices in different places.  I have had most of my supplies for awhile and I go to the dollar bins at Michaels and have found some letter and number stamps too.  This one is from Overstock.

These are Sticko brand stamps.  I like them because they are inexpensive and lay flat in the planner.  They have them at Michaels but I also found them at 123Stitch, and here is a search where you might find something in your area.


  1. You're amazing, Suz!! Love love this prompt!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Suz love the colors and all the shapes that you put into your pages. I will love to play this week with stamps. I have a few that I made!! :)
    And the quote is marvelous!! Love Love!!

  3. I absolutely adore this Suz!!!

  4. I absolutely adore this Suz!!!

  5. Working on my page tomorrow - snow day! Made my first eraser stamp last night - a little rose! Can't wait to use it! Love your art!

  6. Suz this is fabulous. I love the colors, your blends and the total layout. you have all become so well organized i have redone how i plan the rest of the year. Thanks you so much.