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 Tag Tutorial 

Theme: April Showers
Quote: Will Vary Using Words Created with Salvaged Words

I have recently rescued a few coverless books on one of my art adventures.  I thought it would be fun to design a tag around some salvaged words.  I found in my new/old books.  Keeping the monthly theme of  "April Showers" in mind, I chose  "be ever mindful" and "before the rain" as my words for this blog post.

I began by gathering my supplies.  I knew I wanted to make a larger tag.  This one is 4" x 8" in size.  I purchased a pack of these tags from Ali Edwards.  I love color, especially rainbows so I knew that I would incorporate rainbow colors in this tag.

List of Supplies (Links if Possible)
·         Patterned Paper
·         Dictionary Page
·         Deli Paper
·         UHU Glue Stick
·         Charcoal Pencil (black)
·         Acrylic Paint
·         Collage Pauge (Traci Bautista)
·         Make Up Sponges
·         Sewing Machine
·         Recycled Ribbons (Darn Good Yarn)

I began this tag by gluing the dictionary page directly on to the front of the manila tag.


I find that if you put the glue on the actual tag, and concentrate on the edges, you can then press the dictionary page down and trim the excess off after it dries a bit.  This is an easier process for me as I find it produces less wrinkles in the dictionary sheet.  You can flip it over and press down firmly to assist the adhesion process.  

Now that I had the background of the dictionary page I decided that I would hand cut a heart out of deli paper that I had used in between one of my art journals.  As you can see there were many colors and smudges on the deli paper.

I then glued the deli paper heart down with Collage Pauge. I’d like to make a note here: if I were to do a tag similar to this again, I would save the gluing of the heart until AFTER I added my torn pieces of rainbow patterned paper.  I think it would have saved me from trimming and fussing so much with the torn pieces.

After the deli paper heart dried completely I went around the heart with a charcoal pencil. I dipped the charcoal pencil in water first and went around the edges of the heart.

My next step was to tear pieces of rainbow patterned 
paper and go around the heart – like rays of rainbow 
sunshine shooting out of the heart.  This is where I 
discovered I should have saved gluing the deli paper 
heart until last. Ah we live and learn.


See the photos below. Very much like the dictionary page, if you glue the torn pieces of patterned paper down and allow them to extend over the edges,it’s much easier to go back and trim them later.  I find that you worry less about matching them up or tearing them to size this way.  It not only saves time but it really does give you a little bit more control over your piece.

My next step was to again go over the heart with the black charcoal pencil.  This time I used the pencil dry and used a water brush to add more smudge.


Throughout the process of creating this tag I allowed ample drying time between the layers.  Deli paper is fragile especially when wet.

My next step was to add a stencil in between my rainbow rays.  I chose a small square stencil from Dylusions.  I began by stenciling single colors in the squares using a cut piece of make-up sponge.  As the process moved forward – I mixed some of the colors on the make-up sponge to give a rainbow effect in the squares.

I used my charcoal pencil to go around the edges and again used a water pen to smudge it up.  Can you tell I love a smudge?


After the tag was dry I proceeded to add my salvaged words with Collage Pauge.  I then added white and black acrylic splatter paint and a few little hand painted dot marks.  I then stitched around the tag with my sewing machine. I always leave the thread tails long.

Using a standard sized hole punch and using the original hole as a guide, I punched a whole and added some recycled ribbon from Darn Good Yarn and called it a day.  This rainbow tag will make anybody happy on a rainy day. 

I hope you will try and make a tag or two using salvaged words as your inspiration.  Sticking with that theme I am happy to announce a Life Documented 2017 Salvaged Words Snail Mail Swap.  Information and signups will be posted in the Facebook group.  Thank you so much for following along.

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  1. I love your colorful tag, and your techniques will work just as well on my journal page. I never knew charcoal pencil could be wetted like that, so I can't wait to try it! (I also love smudge.) Mostly, though, I am looking forward to finding my words. I can happily spend hours pouring through all my saved text pages and snipped out words, putting together combinations to use in my art. Am I the only one who keeps a "wordaphile file"?