Saturday, April 15, 2017

Week 16 Life Documented with Claire Ann

Welcome to Week 16!  As there are so many new members joining the group as well as many very talented artists, I thought I would focus on the area that I feel more comfortable with - adding photos to a page. I find it looks really effective, is super easy to do and is lovely to glance back over.

PROMPT: Add photos
TECHNIQUE:Using photos in a spread
QUOTE: “Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” Ansel Adams

Step 1:

I am really into the black and white thing at the moment so I have used one of my geometric stencils and used gesso to complet my background.

Step 2:
I have been using an app on my iPhone called FreePrints - you get 45 free prints a month and just pay postage, I love it it has really got me focused on capturing pieces of my day to use to document in my journal.  (This is in the UK, I'm not sure whether there is something else in the USA) 

* In order to create each picture I made a collage of pictures so that they are smaller to display.  The four pictures I have displayed I have also printed as one large print too, I wanted as many pictures on display as possible!

I cut four of my prints and mounted them on white card so they stood out on my page.  Anna Freisen inspired me to 'flap' my pictures so I can document underneath - keeping my thoughts private.

Step 3:
After flapping my pictures which I will entitle 'Flashback memories' I have added various small embellishments to add a little funk to my page.  I really wanted my page to be pretty sinmplistic today, to show sometimes less is more!

Step 4:
To finish off I wrote diary entries underneath each set of photographs - I have decided to put a divider down the back so I can comment on the memory and this week's fun!

I hope you like this week's journal page!  I look forward to seeing all of yours!

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  1. on my Canon Pixma it is possible to print from a layout they provide in 4 or 6 on 4x6 or 5x7 paper. Since they were sending free paper with my ink orders the paper has accumulated. Used them in my journal when we traveled. Your flap idea is very good. There are people who make journals and printing off a selfy printer or they have them sent to a printers from their camera and printed in a size that fits their journal. They are a little too OCD and uniform for me. Prefer out LD style.