Saturday, April 1, 2017

Welcome to Life Documented Week 14 With Rebecca

Hi friends so last week we had some technical difficulties and had to put up this weeks post a week early soooo I am now posting what was supposed to be last weeks post so I apologize if its a bit confusing!

Theme - Bloom
Quote- "Where flowers bloom, so does hope - Lady Bird Johnson
Prompt - Make drippy collage flowers

So to start off you are going to need some paint that is on the thinner side, here I used Acrylic Ink and High Flow Acrylic Paint. I started out by making some circles in my journal then tipped my journal over to let them drip down the page.

 I added some more colors and did the same, I also used a heart stamp roller all over the two pages I was working on.

 Then I used my chunky paint markers to make strips of color for each day of the week, I also cut out some circular shapes for the petals of my flowers.

 I glued down my pedals and collaged some other pretty flowers to the page. I also added some extra pops of color with my paint marker.
 I added some of this gorgeous glitter paste, doodled and stamped out the days of the week and felt like the page was complete!

I hope you enjoy this weeks post and will try it out in your journal this week! Have a great week friends!


  1. Love this! Thank you for doing this!!!

  2. such happy colors and a helpful tutorial. Thanks Rebecca

  3. Wonderful weekly challenge! Can't wait to get started. Thankyou Rebecca!